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Located at the top of Linden Avenue, its main decorative elements are three stone benches decorated with tiled panels, acquired by the painter Alberto Ayres de Gouvêa and designed expressely for the main avenue, bringing to the inside of the pavillion the spirit of the garden.

Avenida das Tílias

More than 100 meters long, and flanked by carefully treated centuries-old linden trees, Linden Avenue is the ideal place to hold large events. Its size makes it versatile for the production of various events, like car launches, fashion shows, concerts or galas.

Jardim Romântico

​Set next to the main house, the romantic garden opens the way to Linden Avenue. The unpretentious design of the garden, with its water fountain in the middle, is ideal for small events and can also serve as support for large events, holding cocktail receptions and live music.

Parque de Estacionamento

Created to accommodate more than 150 vehicles, the car park has direct access to Linden Avenue.

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